Our Vertical Gallery

During our recent elevator modernization project, we were limited to 2/3 elevators at a time. This meant that the stairs were a faster option for some guests and staff who might be going up one flight or down three. With more guests taking the stairs, our staff at the Chateau Victoria wanted to make the walk more enjoyable and bright while at the same time not be your ‘normal’ walk up the stairs. Thus the creation of our vertical art gallery!

With the help of many local artists we curated a vertical art gallery for guests to enjoy. Tying into our “Authentically Local” culture, we commissioned artists from around Victoria to paint an art piece on our stair walls between floors. With our elevator modernization complete, we couldn’t be more excited to have our art gallery as a lasting gift from the project.

Thank you to all the artists who painted a piece for us, we couldn’t be more proud to have these amazing pieces of art work grace our walls. You can check out the pieces below, and make sure to come see the gallery in person on your next visit!

Cecilia Sonza
Mother & Child

Cecilia Sonza
Nature Gazing

Emily Proctor
West coast Sunrise

Tompalski Thompson
Octopuses Garden

Rosalyn Le 
Soul Window

Teresa Waclawik 
Jack of Wine

Sylvia Dawn Coughlin 
Dreaming on Dallas Road

Teresa Waclawik
Beets & Greens

Sylvia Dawn Coughlin