Welcome to our 2020 vision of what we aim to do for our environment.

As of Jan 2, 2020, all single use water bottles have been removed from all of our guest rooms and suites. We encourage our guests to fill their reusable bottles at filtered water stations within the hotel, or simply through our guest room taps as our municipal water is among the purest potable tap water you will find. We will continue to offer bottled water for sale at our front desk for those that require it.

The elimination of single use plastic bottles joins other actions already done at the hotel such as the elimination of single use shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer bottles, single use soap and reduction of disposable information and marketing material in guest rooms. We are also focusing on reduction or elimination of packaging from many of our supplier partners this year.

It is clear, we all must remain focused towards reducing our impact on our fragile environment. Please join us in doing your part!